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28 February 2013

Flashing Back to Viet Nam

The Khmer Rouge, which means Red (as in commies) Khmers, was the name given to the followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea in Cambodia. It was formed in 1968 as an offshoot of the Vietnam People's Army from North Vietnam. They recorded only this only double disc…

No, no, that’s not it. This is Phil Shoenfelt, Barry “Scratchy” Myers, probably Claus on drums, others…They were ex-pat Brit smack survivors in the early 80s East Village NYC. They were punk & reggae & No Wave & more. Probably never became a household cleaner because of the name, the drugs, & themselves. Too bad for us. Luckily there is this to help remedy the travesty. 

 Khmer Rouge – New York-London 1981-86, Hip Priest ‎– HIPP001CD, 2004. 
disc one & disc 2 decryption codes in comments

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