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19 February 2013

Close only Counts in Love & Handgrenades

After the Fats Comet singles, a friend asked me to post up Tackhead’s first full length release, 1989s Friendly as a Hand Grenade. All the usual suspects plus Bernard Fowler on vocals. Some new & many older instrumental tracks with added lyrics & vocals. All songs written & composed by Bernard Fowler & Tackhead except "Ska Trek" by Prince Buster. 

decryption code in comments

Side A –
Ska Trek 1
Tell Me the Hurt
Mind & Movement

Side B –
Airborne Ranger
Body to Burn
Demolition House
Free South Africa
Ticking Time Bomb
Ska Trek 2



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  2. Obrigado por compartilhar!!!

    1. Obrigado por tomar o tempo para comentar. Compartilhamento enriquece a todos nós. Espero que você encontre mais música que você goste.