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20 February 2013

Leave on the Jacket

Bromheads Jacket emerged from the burgeoning musick scene in Sheffield, England in 2005. They have been lumped with the other Sheffield bands of the time. However, with their crude sound situated somewhere between punk & indie rock, they are heavier than most of their citymates. Tim Hampton provides heavy guitar. His singing style & Hampshire accent also adds another element that adds to their uniqueness. Some say they sound like The Streets on speed, but others are sure Bromheads Jacket combines the sound of Squeeze, Bad Manners & the Sex Pistols.

Most of their output is available free from the band or elsewhere on the interweb. In 2009 they became a two piece known simply as Bromheads, with the loss of bassist Jono West. They have played tirelessly since that time, touring & playing shows & festivals. In fact they have a new album, Choro, due out April 13th this year that can be preordered on theirofficial site.

Well, here is a demo of some of the songs they played live their first couple years.

Bromheads Jacket are: Tim Hampton (vocals - guitar), Jono West (bass) & Dan Potter (drums).

Bromheads Jacket– Demos, 2005?6? (I made up the cover)
decryption code in comments

Trip to the Golden Arches
Land of the Brave
A Pinch of Psalt
Met a Dark Girl
SRI’s & Big Bore 4’s


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