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13 February 2013

What a Week It's Been

The Past Seven Days were from Sheffield, England. They signed with 4AD & released this single.

I know these tracks are both available on 1997 4AD rerelease of Various Artists - Natures Mortes-Still Lives, a compilation of early 4AD bands that was originally released in Japan in 1981. I just thought that some folks might like to have the original so here it is. I liked a lot of older 4AD bands (Xmal Deutschland, The Wolfgang Press, & more). This is some early post-punk, kinda dark but not really goth, maybe more like noir. There are plenty of synthesizers, but it is not synth driven, there is plenty of scratchy guitar, sparse rhythms, & early 80s era moody vocals.

I believe this is the bands only release. After this 7”, they left left 4AD to sign with DinDisc (home of OMD & Martha & The Muffins, among others). They seem never to have had any output on that label, unfortunately.

Side A – Raindance
Side B – So Many Others



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  2. You've just reminded me I've got a copy of A Bouquet Of Steel somewhere... thanks very much for this!

  3. to Anonymous,
    Bouquet features some other great & not so great bands from the same area (Sheffield). Also Kevin Bacon is credited as re-mixing TPSD single, he being bass player for Comsat Angels. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Wow, embarrassed to say I've never heard of these guys. Thanks for the writeup. <3

  5. to IHT90s,
    Nothin' to be bare-assed about,
    this being their entire available output.