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04 February 2013

Let Me Be Your Servant

About time I post up some punk rawk here. 

Today’s serving is the band Ludovic from São Paulo, Brasil. Ludovic formed in 2000 with: Jair Naves - vocals; Edward Square – guitar; Ezekiel Underwood – guitar; Fabio Sant’anna – bass; & Julio Santos – drums.

They began playing local house shows & hole-in-the wall ghetto clubs, strictly in the best of DIY punk tradition. Soon their notoriety grew through word-of-mouth & they were playing some of Brazil’s largest festivals.

Ludovic released a self-titled ep in 2001, then Servil(Servant) in 2004, & Idioma Morto (Dead Language) in 2006. Servil is the release that really solidified their following, showcasing their unique style while hinting at some of their probable influences (Mission of Burma & Black Flag to name two). Their sound is raw, fast & intense. At the time, this album made many Best of… lists. It also garnered the band the 2005 Independent Music Dynamite Award for ‘best album in indie rock”. While Idiomo Morto may be the bands most accomplished & polished release, Servil has a much rougher, less produced style more approaching the band’s live sound.

Ludovic – Servil, Teenage in a Box, 2004.
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