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10 February 2013

Once was a Good Samaritan in Cali

I’ve posted Black Humor’s Love God, Love One Another in the past. Finally in late 2011, Superior Viaduct had the smarts to reissue this lost treasure. Well Dan Houser of Black Humor also plays guitar on this Good Samaritans 7”. Bob Pittman released a single “I Just Do/Wanderer” on Fowl Records in 1984 co-produced by Dan Houser & with lead guitar on “I Just Do” by another member of Black Humor, George Miller. Patty Costa , the vocalist here, sings Black Humor’s “Neo-Hippies”, Marc Berndt plays drums in both bands, so you get the whole Black Humor/Good Samaritans incest thing, right.

Good Samaritans are: Patty Costa – vocals; Dan Houser – guitar; Bob Pittman – guitar & vocals; John Anderson – bass; Marc Berndt – percussion; Darvin Bowen – saxophone; & Sara Tyson – backing vocals.

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Side A: Dotted Line
Side B: Nightmare Theme


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