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22 February 2013

Donnez-moi un Billet pour un Avion

Métal Urbain was one of the first French punk groups, formed in 1976 in Paris. Probably because the French already have such a pissy attitude toward everything, punk never caught on there like it did with the Brits or the Yanks. The Brits dug MU, so UKs Rough Trade signed them & released “Paris Maquis b/w Cle de Contact” as their first single (RT001).

Although they were heavily influenced by The Clash & The Sex Pistols, they used much more heavily distorted guitars & they replaced the traditional rock rhythm section of bass guitar - drums with a synthesizer & a drum machine

The band broke up by 1979, though Éric Débris – singer & electronics & Charlie H – electronics went on to become Metal Boys, teaming up with mysterious English vocalist China to record Tokio Airport in 1980. It was re-released in 2003 & 2004 with different (some added & some missing) tracks.

 Metal Boys ‎– Tokyo Airport, Celluloid ‎– CEL 2-6560, 1980. 
decryption code in comments

Side A –
New Malden
Parlez Moi d’Argent
Carbone 14
The Pleasure
Café Sale
Love in Dub

Side B –
Colt 45
Hurry Back
Tokio Airport
Un Petit Peu d’Amour



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  2. Hi Nathan ! I just checked all your blog and took all what I could...Thanks for your ecclectism. I took the most I could...I'm french...Metal Urbain/Metal Boys were the best french effort in Punk Rock about me...If you don't know, check the other band they made : Dr Mix & the Remix :


    For no reason, the best R'n'R record I ever heard is: Dean Carter - Call of the Wild (Big Beat Records)


    Thanks again for your great blog !

    1. Your most welcome to everything I have to offer. I love many many kinds of music so never know what I'll post next. Eclectic indeed. & I won't hold the fact that you're French against you.

  3. i love you so sooo much right now <3