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07 February 2013

Light, Traps & Exploding Wires

 Naux was Juan Maciel. He died on February 8,2009 after a prolonged illness. Naúx is pronounced ‘nah-ooj’, based on the reversed spelling of his first name. Naúx was a guitarist for Richard Hell’s Voidoids during the Destiny Street sessions & was a co-founder along with bassist Steve Cohen of China Shop.  China Shop has enjoyed a retrospective digital download release from Anthology Recordings, but Naúx's solo album remains a vinyl-only rarity. 

Light, Traps & Exploding Wires is a rather obscure & rare LP from the New York no wave collective named here simply Naux. This record was the second release on the Noise New York label, recorded at Noise New York studio located on 34th Street above La Polpetta (the Meatball), owned by Frank & Dwight Eaton. It has all the hallmarks of No Wave: jagged guitar lines; funky bass lines; lyrics about alienation; & an all-around artiness. It features some of the New York No Wave scene’s finest.

Richard Horowitz & Sussan Deihim would go on to release exquisite albums of synth-heavy Western/Middle Eastern fusion; Fred Maher was the original drummer in Material as well as playing with the Voidoids; Robert Quine is well-known as Richard Hell's main guitarist & for his guitar work on Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend"; Mike Allison continues recording today under the moniker Darshan Ambient; & Steve Cohen has played with Mike & Naux in Nona Hendryx’s Zero Cool & China Shop (with a young Richard Edson) . 

Naux – Light, Traps & Exploding Wires, Noise New York NNY 002, 1982.
decryption code in comments

Side One:
Mammoth Tarpits: Naux – guitar & synthesizer; Mike Allison – bass; Frank Eaton – synthesizer
Forget Just Once: Naux – guitars & vocals; Mike Allison – bass, Charles Wood – drums
Don’t Know Love: Naux – guitar, bass, synthesizer, & vocals; Mike Allison – guitar; Jay Dorfman -                                               Roland 808synthesized drums             
The Tiger Waits for Me: Sussan Deihim – vocals; Naux – guitar, bass, synthesizer, & vocals; Frank Eaton –                                        synthesizer; Charles Wood – drums
Too Much Sex: Naux – guitar, bass, synthesizer, & vocals; Steve Cohen – synthesizer
The Dance of Conflict: Naux – guitar, bass, & vocals; Cliff Williams – bass; Richard Horowitz – synthesizer;
                                   Douglas E Bowne – drums & congas

Side Two:
Sounds & Daughters: Naux – vocals; Kevin Fuller – guitar; Mike Allison – bass; Frank Eaton -                                           synthesizer; Steve Cohen – synthesizer; Jim Allington – drums
Transmissions: Naux – guitar, bass, synthesizer, & vocals; Richard Horowitz - synthesizer; Charles
                      Wood – drums, percussion,  Kevin Fuller – percussion
Atlantis: Naux – guitar & vocals; Mike Allison – guitar & vocals; Steve Cohen – bass; Jim
             Allington – drums & vocals,
Face to Face: Naux – guitar, synthesizer, & vocals; Robert Quine – guitar; Jim Allington – drums
World Without End: Naux – guitar, synthesizer; Brian Cullman – synthesizer; Frank Eaton – synthesizer;
                               Jim Allington – drums
Info sheet lists phantom track "Time Zones" between A6 & B1
(though this goes unexplained…it is on vinyl??? after all).


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