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28 February 2013

Musick, the Global Language

One time about a year & a half ago, Zer0_II over at Digital Melrd0wn, another blog that I help out on, had the idea for a Musick around the World project. We were going to attempt to post at least one album from every country in the world. It was a massive undertaking & we elicited the help of numerous other friends & bloggers to help out. The project never got off the ground & died what to me was a sad, sad death. I had accrued musick from at least half of the countries myself, so I felt I had invested a great deal of time & effort into a project that never happened. I did however keep most of the files, so lately I have been mulling over the prospect of rebirthing, to a lesser degree, this crazy plan.

Throughout the month of February I challenged myself to post one post per day. I chose February because it is the shortest month, granted, but here it is March & well, I succeeded. This gave me the confidence I needed to attempt this resurrection of Musick Around the World. With apologies to Zer0_II, whose idea it was, I think I’ll begin.

From Zer0_IIs original proposal, some notes…
      “The primary goal of the project is to post at least one album from every country
       in the world. The music we post will be obscure, & either out of print, issued
       under a creative commons license, or otherwise commercially unavailable. We
       aim to make the project seem like a "journey around the world", rather than simply
       taking the easy route & covering countries according to alphabetical order. The
       plan is to start in Northern Europe, & follow a route that would take us through
       each continent, covering every country located within it before moving on to the
       next continent. “

I believe this is the countries list we finally agreed upon:

Greenland     Iceland     Norway     Sweden     Finland     Russia
Estonia          Latvia      Lithuania   Belarus      Poland     Germany
Denmark       Netherlands     Belgium     England     Wales
Scotland        Ireland     Portugal     Spain     Andorra
France               Luxembourg         Monaco (City Nation)      Switzerland     
Liechtenstein (City Nation)      Austria          Czech Republic     Slovakia     
Ukraine     Moldova      Romania        Bulgaria     Greece     Cyprus (Island Nation)     
Albania      Macedonia     Kosovo (Disputed Territory)     Montenegro     Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina       Croatia        Hungary       Slovenia
Italy               San Marino (City Nation)              Vatican City (City Nation)  
Sicily (Autonomous Region of Italy)                 Malta (Island Nation)

Tunisia     Libya      Algeria      Morocco      Western Sahara   Mauritania     
Cape Verde (Island Nation)     The Gambia     Senegal     Guinea-Bissau
Guinea      Sierra Leone      Liberia      Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)      Mali
Burkina Faso      Ghana      Togo      Benin      Nigeria      Niger      Chad
Central African Republic      Cameroon      Equatorial Guinea      Gabon
Sao Tome & Principe(Island Nation)           Republic of the Congo      
Democratic Republic of the Congo      Angola        Zambia      Zimbabwe      
Botswana      Namibia      South Africa  Lesotho (City Nation)   Swaziland     
 Madagascar      Comoros (Island Nation)        Mayotte (French Territory)     
 Réunion (French Territory)  Mauritius (Island Nation)   Seychelles (Island Nation)  
Mozambique      Malawi     Tanzania      Burundi      Rwanda      Uganda
Kenya      Somalia      Djibouti     Ethiopia      Eritrea      Sudan      Egypt

Israel      Palestenian Territory      Jordan      Saudi Arabia      Yemen      Oman
United Arab Emirates     Qatar     Bahrain (Island Nation)     Kuwait      Iraq      
Syria      Lebanon      Turkey      Armenia      Georgia      Azerbaijan      Iran
Turkmenistan      Uzbekistan      Kazakhstan      Kyrgyzstan      Tajikistan
Afghanistan      Pakistan


India           Nepal         Bhutan        Bangladesh         Sri Lanka         Maldives (Island Nation)      
Indonesia         East Timor        Malaysia        Brunei         Thailand        Burma (Myanmar)         
Laos       Cambodia        Vietnam       China         Free Tibet        Tuva (Federal Subject of Russia)     Mongolia             North Korea             South Korea            Japan           Taiwan
            Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)                     Philippines    
               Australia                     Papua New Guinea                      New Zealand


Palau           Northern Mariana Islands (In Political Union with the United States)        Guam (US Territory)      Federated States of Micronesia        Solomon Islands         Vanuatu         Fiji               Tuvalu            Nauru                  Marshall Islands            Kiribati                Western Samoa             Tonga 
           Cook Islands (self-governing parliamentary democracy)              French Polynesia     

         Chile                 Argentina             Uruguay               Paraguay           Bolivia 
          Peru             Ecuador        Colombia     Brazil      French Guiana (French Territory?)      
                   Suriname              Guyana                      Venezuela     

        Aruba (Netherlands)             Curaçao (Netherlands)
Trinidad and Tobago              Grenada               Barbados                 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
        Saint Lucia                        Martinique (French Territory)                  Dominica    
Guadeloupe (French Territory)            Montserrat (British Territory)       Antigua and Barbuda    
            Saint Kitts and Nevis                 St. Martin/St. Maarten              Anguilla      
         British Virgin Islands (British Overseas Territory)             US Virgin Islands (US Territory)      
                Puerto Rico (US Territory)          Dominican Republic                Haiti      
       Bermuda (British Territory)                       The Bahamas                         Cuba
                                          Cayman Islands                         Jamaica 

                       Panama      Costa Rica      Nicaragua      Honduras      El Salvador     
                                                 Guatemala                        Belize

                              Mexico                   Canada                United States     

Well, you get the idea how crazy this is---225 countries on this probably less than accurate list. I guess if I’m going to do this thing, I better do this thing.

Starting now…



  1. Hi,

    Ihank you so much for enlightening me about this blog. This is one of the coolest projects I have ever seen! I have a hunch I will be visiting often!


  2. Luxembourg is missing in your list... Very nice work !

    1. Thanks. My bad. I did, however, feature music from Luxembourg on March 25.
      I have corrected the list.

  3. Hi :) Could You upload albums Basang (one of her song is Heavenly Road) and Gege (Back To The Grassland,Xue Lian,心之寻) myspace.com/gegeyinyue/music/albums

    1. I'm sorry. I don't have either of these. Maybe someone else can come up with a link.
      Thanks for your interest.