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11 February 2013

It's All ABout Exposure

The Night that Donna Martin Lost Her Virginity refers to an episode of the original 90210 in which Tori Spelling as Donna Martin lost… This is a Greek project with some of the same personnel that gave the world About Exposure - About Exposure. This project is Abex (ABout EXposure, get it) 2, espousing the same philosophy: 
     We believe that music exploration has definitely been constrained by means of property, money makin’ and fame gainin’. Therefore these recordings are given away for free. 200 copies were distributed hand by hand. Keep copying. The cost of this project was 100 €, June 2003

Instantly classic experimental, music-noir, instrumental, electro, darkcore, trip-core.

decryption code in comments


i have to feed my soul
would you hold my hand (if I had a gun)
dirty summer
i don’t have a dream
one more blippy song


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