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16 February 2013

How about Some New Electric Music?

I don’t really have to say much here, do I? The Dead C. Lotsa noise…lotsa fun.

This is from 2002 & TDC are at this point exploring sound experimentation. They start out kinda slow on “Killer”, but the resonant guitar tones keep shifting pitch with strange regularity, & analog sounding clicks & pops signal weird changes in structure. Minimalism at its most exquisite. Next,“Hush” even features some so-called ‘vocals’. Trippy. There’s radio noise, distorted guitars, free-form drumming, variable pacing, more distorto vocals. Then “Forever”, which doesn’t really last forever, only 30+ minutes, screams with bowed guitar & feedback, barrages of purest sublime noise.

I don’t really have much to say. The Dead C. If you don’t know ‘em, you might not want to start here. If you know ‘em & like ‘em, this is tastee!

 The Dead C – New Electric Music, Language Recordings – LR Three, 2002.
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